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I believe authenticity and knowledge empowers us all.  Setting the tone and providing perspective — that’s what makes stories powerful. I’ve spent over 20 years as a journalist and conducted more than 15,000 interviews as lead anchor of Bloomberg Television Asia. I’m adding more interviews every day as Editor-in-Chief of Forkast.News with key blockchain industry leaders, regulators, academics, policymakers, and founders.

As a moderator, I guide conversations to bring out the best in every panelist.  As a host, I engage and excite audiences, and keep them connected and inspired throughout the day. And as a keynote speaker, I speak about the power of communications, finding your voice, society, the future, leadership, and you.

Through the power of story, we can inspire an audience and bring them on a powerful and transformative journey.

Our world is changing, and so is our place in it. Let’s work together and discover just how powerful we can be together.

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Despite China’s clampdown on cryptocurrency mining, hardware manufacturer @canaanio has seen its revenues go through the roof. The company reported its strongest ever quarterly sales, up over 500% from the same period last year.

Blockchain and tokenization are revolutionizing real estate ownership across the globe. Hong Kong-based fintech startup Fraction is leveraging the technology to fractionalize real estate for ownership and trading.

In a first attempt to roll out the state-backed “internet for blockchain” outside of the Chinese mainland, @bsnbase soft-launched its public-private nationwide infrastructure project to spur mass adoption of blockchain technology.

$SOL plunged more than 25% from its all-time high of $214.96 last week, as the @Solana validator community scrambled to restart the network due to a massive increase in transactional load.

Laos, one of Asia’s most impoverished nations has ended a three-year ban on crypto trading and mining. The government of Laos has selected six firms to take part in a pilot program that will also work in developing cryptocurrency laws for the country.

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