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I believe authenticity and knowledge empowers us all.  Setting the tone and providing perspective — that’s what makes stories powerful. I’ve spent over 20 years as a journalist and conducted more than 15,000 interviews as lead anchor of Bloomberg Television Asia. I’m adding more interviews every day as Editor-in-Chief of Forkast.News with key blockchain industry leaders, regulators, academics, policymakers, and founders.

As a moderator, I guide conversations to bring out the best in every panelist.  As a host, I engage and excite audiences, and keep them connected and inspired throughout the day. And as a keynote speaker, I speak about the power of communications, finding your voice, society, the future, leadership, and you.

Through the power of story, we can inspire an audience and bring them on a powerful and transformative journey.

Our world is changing, and so is our place in it. Let’s work together and discover just how powerful we can be together.

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By default, US is already in the digital dollar game via US-pegged stablecoins like Tether, USDC, etc...
the future issue is contagion & governance. Will US interests be served by a US CBDC or better served by clear policy rails? It's topic this week #CryptoRising @Forkast_News

Thank YOU for making this space inclusive. We have a responsibility to show up, raise our hands, turn that fear emotion into excitement. If you don’t, who will? Our voices need to build our future #letsgogirls @Forkast_News @NEARProtocol #WomeninWeb3 #Changemakers

@UpliftDao @mariekeflament @amythesoon @AngieTVLau @biasmlopes @womeninweb3 @wendydiamond @Womenseday @NEARProtocol Great 💃 women in #Web3 🚀
@NEARProtocol #NEARCON2022

Finale day at @NEARProtocol #NEARCON2022 with my support human, @Forkast_News co-founder @sarahlichang — takeaway: protocols like NEAR are building, and increasingly focusing on balancing innovation with policy. This is how things are shaping up for 2023.

In today’s The Daily Forkast, The Merge and Women in Web 3.

Watch today's The Daily Forkast hosted by @MeghaChaddah: https://t.co/nmAbUvQTaF

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